We love nothing more than a blank canvas to work with, creating a functional website with a basic CMS (Content Management System) or a more full scale CMS. Normal practise is we give you a website questionnaire in which you fill out so we can so we can determine your goals and objectives. To work with your budget if any or limitations if any. We break down any new website development into 4 stages which are as follows

  1. Research (Questionnaire), Competitor Analysis, Keyword Determination for Content.
  2. Visuals - We create visuals of how your new website would look. When signed off we proceed to the next stage.
  3. Programming - Here we programme the visuals that you are happy with.
  4. GO-LIVE Here we publish the website live to the public.



Is your website looking tired and old? A website face-lift could be your answer. We take your existing content / navigation and any other changes you want and produce a face-lift by bringing in a fresh and more modern look to it. Here in More Creative we love nothing more than cutting up an old website, injecting botox where necessary! Arrange around elements of the website interface to be more user friendly and customer focused. We call it “sex it up”, make it attractive, pleasing to the eye while taking into consideration user behaviour.

We always say to everyone, that your website is your front door. It is the first point of contact for your existing and prospective clients. Does your front door look clean? Freshly painted? Welcoming? It is the same policy for any website. Do your clients feel ensured that you can do the services / products advertised? Of course you can but does your website reflect this? If not then maybe a website face-lift is the answer you are looking for.



We can look after your domain, hosting and emails at competitive rates. Contact us for pricing. One of the most important about hosting is that if you are an Irish business and your market is Irish. Then you should opt for an Irish based hosting provider. Why? If an Irish user searches for your business, lets say “artist” on Google. The first thing Google will naturally do is presume that you are looking for an artist in the locality, so it returns you the results for in Ireland only. Google will return results that have irish domains (.ie) and check where your hosting is based. If your hosting was in say Germany or American, Google will make the presumption that you are targeting those markets. So it is of absolute importance that your hosting is Irish based in order to get a strong Google ranking.




Email marketing to date is the most effective online marketing tool you have at your disposal. Think of this way; rather than waiting for your customer to come to your website, you can bring the website to the customer via email marketing. It is an approach if carefully managed is extremely effective. You do not want to bombard the user with countless emails on a daily / weekly  basis, we would advise you on the frequency of the email newsletters and be careful not to spam anyone. With email marketing, even if the customer did not review the email newsletter in detail, it still leaves a subconscious impression. For example if a “artist” decided to send out 6 email newsletters a year, the prospective customer will have built a relationship with the “artist”. One day, the prospective customer might have to get a painting. The artist because of his 6 email newsletters will come to the forefront of the customers mind. So it is a soft way of reaching your customers without being too aggressive. It is cold calling but in a nice way.



Hate it, Loathe it, Like it, Share it, Love it? It is simply not something your business can ignore. Depending on your business, at least one social media circle would be a good addition to your online presence whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest.

A fantastic way to tap into new markets / customers. It is all about REACH, social media has the ability to reach your business to the customer. Promoting your business via social media does expand your catchment area. We can advise you on which social media tool will suit your business the best and help you along the way to develop it. It is also a very good inexpensive way of marketing the business.

Just an investment in time, consistency and education on how to maximise the choosen social media tool are the core ingredients to a successful social media campaign.



We absolutely adorn WordPress in our studio. It is versatile, robust and very powerful. No wonder it is currently the world’s No.1 Content Management System. A beautiful addition to any website, it allows you to be in control. To be able to edit at least 90% of the website via the WordPress admin. Forget about ridiculous rip-off maintenance changes that is common from many web design companies, every time you want to edit the content, add new pages, add new images, videos, documents etc simply do it yourself via a log in admin panel of the website.

If you know your way around Microsoft Word you will be able to manage WordPress, quite a few similarities between the 2 of them. If you would like a demonstration, please do get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to show you how it works.



Ecommerce has exploded in recent years due to the recession and customer demand for value. Magento is our top choice for ecommerce websites, it is widely supported and open source. Whether it is a small or a large shop containing thousands of products Magento can fulfill those needs. It is also fully content managed, so you would be able to have full control of the website or if this is not feasible that we can parse your suppliers XML stream to populate the Magento ecommerce website dramatically cutting out the admin work .

Businesses now realise that with an ecommerce website you can expand your catchment area, while cutting out un-necessary overheads such as a physical office. As a result of the overheads being cut by businesses they are able to offer to the public better value for the products hence this is why it has exploded. Do you want to be part of this explosion? Get in touch with us



We offer varied support packages depending on your requirements, whether it is social media, web editing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We do exactly what a web support package is about, SUPPORT you and the company’s online presence and strategy if one in place. Anytime you have an issue we can guarantee that we get back to you within 3 hours on a working day. Quick and efficient support with remote computer access if necessary to solve any issues you may have.

Contact us for a quote giving specifics on what you need support with and how many hours a month. If you wanted 8 hours a month, we would accomodate that, if you happen to only use 6 hours for one month, the 2 remaining hours are carried forward to the next month.



We do graphic design ranging from a business card to a brochure. Identity is also plays an important role in communicating your company message to existing and prospective clients. Flyers are a great cheap way of communicating your desired message to the public. Importantly you would have a complete and consistent branded message to your customers both offline and online. An idea of prices is that you can get 1000 flyers double sided DL size for €98. Graphic artwork overall helps you to communicate to your targeted customer. Contact us with your requirements and we will be able to help you.