Loves nothing more than Designing / Developing websites

Sleeps, eats, talks all things digital. We have a passionate love for websites. Achieving goals, objectives and targets laid out by the client.

Experienced Web Experts

With a combined 27 years experience between 3 individuals that make the heart and the soul of the company, we are young and fresh faced yet experienced. Full of boundless energy, with a thirsty craving for new web based techniques and technologies that arise. A healthy balance of skills across the board so we can apply a well balanced solution for our customers.

Creatively Driven

Thinking outside the box depending on the client brief is a great way of getting noticed. Why do the tired old thing? Why bombard the customer with the same advertisement over and over, when customers have trained themselves to subconsciously ignore your message. Hence creative thinking is a good way of separating yourself from your competitors.

Focused Web Solutions

For every given issue, problem or obstacle there is always a solution for that given challenge, whether it be an email newsletter strategy nor increased social media exposure. We do not believe in giving you ten different answers to any given problem. The challenge for us is recognising the problem. In short we specialise in focused digital web solutions.

Quick Turnaround Times

We like to work to deadlines, it is how you get things done. The same applies to whether it is a new website, or an email newsletter campaign or a long term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy. For complex / large projects we break the projects down into sections along with there own mini deadlines. Thus ensuring you the peace of mind that we will work with agreed timeframes.

Online Support

We endeavour to support our clients quickly and efficiently; should any issues arise. Website support packages play an integral part of your ongoing online presence. We offer various types of packages - Monthly packages / Bundles of Hours or Pay as you go. If you need more info please

Eamonn Connell Freelance Web Designer

Hello, My names is Eamonn Connell. I love designing, developing websites, anything online or digital perks my interest. I was shortlisted for 2 national website awards. So my mission is to be recognised on a nationwide basis for the web design work I have contributed to SME's. Also to get a few web awards under my belt.

Welcome to the MORE website. The name comes from where I live in Lullymore, Rathangan, Co.Kildare. if you notice the Lullymore in the address, I stripped out the Lully and hence the name was born. I wanted to communicate the message that you get MORE with us. In the current tough economic climate it is only fitting and right. You should ask for MORE. What MORE can we do for you? DEMAND FOR MORE. ASK FOR MORE. That is the attitude I believe in.

What MORE can YOU do now?

Well for a start you can get in contact with me and we can take it from there.